Return to Freedom

Today’s featured artist is Sean Sauber
This video is a short film of the American Wild Horse and the Return to Freedom American Wild Horse Sanctuary.
Return to Freedom

Return to Freedom

His ExposureRoom home page is  (make sure you check out his photos as well)


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3 Responses to “Return to Freedom”

  1. Neda DeMayo Says:

    Thank you Sean! Thank you for letting the herds speak.

  2. Dee Ianniello Says:

    I am a supporter of Return to Feedom and have been wanting to visit for some time. I live in Philadelphia Pa which is a long way from Return to Freedom. Sean has given me a beautiful glimpse into the world of the American Wild Horse and the Sanctuary. This film is so well done it lifts my spirits,touches my heart and gives me hope that one day all the horses will Return to Freedom.

  3. Rich Stadler Says:

    Watching those colts run and play reminded me of my own lost youth…and brought tears to my eyes.

    Beautiful, Sean.

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