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ExpsoureRoom Favorites

June 17, 2008

ExposureRoom has been open and in beta for about 4 months now and we have made some incredible progress.  Yesterday we released a new design based on feedback from our members. 

There are some amazing people, putting out some incredible work.   So after months of having a blog and not knowing what to write about, I have finally decided on a topic.   I am going to use this blog to showcase some of my favorite artists that I find on ExposureRoom.  Not every video I link to may be a great works of art, but they are videos that I found interesting and enjoyed watching.

First up is American Dream Cinema
Devin Scott has written really good scripts and has a great team behind him.

The $5.00 Dollar Movie – A short about the life of a filmmaker

Music Video  – I’m not sure what to call this one, but the music and the visuals are perfectly timed.

My Beautiful Wickedness

I hope you enjoy these videos as much as I did.


March 8, 2008

ExposureRoom officially entered its Beta on Thursday night.  So now we start the processes of getting the word out about it.

The idea for ExposureRoom started when we  decided to do the some videos to market our product, BuildOrbit™.  We also though the videos would be a good marketing tool for our builder clients as well as other clients not connected at all to the building industry.  Shiv started doing some research and discovered that it would be possible for us to create videos for our customers.  He had spent some time working with an ad agency in India so he had some idea of what would be involved.  Because of technology, the equipment that was needed was affordable, not like 10 – 15 years ago.  So as he started learning what it would take to do this video project, the idea for ExposureRoom began to develop.  He would go on newsgroups, but they where just newsgroups, no videos.  When the newsgroup posts did have links to videos,  the post would be so old the videos where long ago removed.  There was no way to search and see videos made with specific types of equipment. etc..

So we decided to create a website that would allow uploads of full HD videos and play them back at different sizes, without compromising quality, like youtube does.  This site would allow members to setup profiles of their equipment and when uploading videos enter the equipment used.  Most importantly, the site is searchable.  So a person can find all the videos made with a Canon XHA1 camera that have been uploaded to the site.  We also felt is was important for different types of people to be able to network.  i.e. a videographer should be able to find someone to score his new video.  So we decided to build our niche business/social network for filmmakers, photographers, writers, musicians, actors/models and designers, that connects like-minded people and people looking for such talent.

So after several months of pain, sweat and no sleep, we are now ready to start a beta of our baby, ExposureRoom.  We need as many people as possible signing up, the more members the better.  We also need people to view the site, upload pictures and comment on other members work.  The more activity we can generate the better chance we have of making a go of this.  Your help joining and spreading the word is greatly appreciated.  At this point we need the world to know we exist, and we also need feedback on the site.  Things you have trouble with, things that you like and don’t like etc.

My ExposureRoom site can be found at